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About Us

We are the Tevis Rangers!


We’re all in this together: Caring, Connecting and Committing to growth inspiring hope and success for all.


We’re working together while fostering an environment for Student Success and a Positive School Culture.


Our values are as follows:


T  Talent

E  Energy

V  Vision

I   Independence

S  Service


We begin our thirty-fourth year of continuing the tradition of excellence and building a strong sense of school spirit and loyalty within our Tevis Jr. High learning community.


Named after a well-known family of settlers who helped to establish the Stockdale area, Tevis has been honored as a California Distinguished School on four occasions since its inception in 1988. This honor has been a continuing tribute to the dedication of our outstanding staff, students and parents.


In the school’s first year of existence, Tevis students established a reputation for excellence in academics, athletics, music, public speaking and journalism as well as for serving their community.


Evidence of the students’ accomplishments adorns the walls and display cases throughout the campus. In order to maintain this tradition of excellence, all Tevis Rangers are expected to adhere to high standards of academic effort and conduct.


This time of learning at Tevis is extremely important for our Rangers’ preparation for high school and beyond. They will benefit significantly from these years, if they come to school each day prepared to always do what is best for all of our Rangers, actively participate in our school activities, remain focused on improving our school climate, and maintaining our culture of learning.


The Tevis Family Team is committed to supporting all of our Rangers.